Thank you so much for being a part of our effort to help the IDF soldiers
and the evacuated families.
Since the start of the war in Gaza, we have worked in several directions to support
the war effort and some of the 200,000 families who are left without a home.
What makes our mission special is that we don't aim to address only the immediate needs of those impacted by the crisis, but also to ensure their well-being and dignity during these challenging times.

Recently, I had a tough conversation with someone who questioned why, during a war, we would focus on getting toys for children and washing machines for displaced families and soldiers. Their perspective was clear—it's all about bulletproof vests, clothing, or tourniquets for soldiers; anything else is just not a priority during a war.

The weight of their words lingered, much like the heavy feeling after talking to a young woman, now 14 years after the events in Gush Katif, who still carries the trauma from that time. Yes, there is a war out there, and winning it is undoubtedly crucial. Every soldier is vital - but it's equally important to recognize the lives of the over 200,000 people left without a home, most of them children, who will bear these scars for decades.

The urgency of this mission hit home once again when I spoke to former residents of Gush Katif, who spent months in hotels, because they are the only ones to really understand what happens to a family stuck in a hotel for months. They told me the ability to do laundry and have access to a washing machine was the biggest game changer. More than the ability to do their own laundry, it gave the families a sense of autonomy and dignity that they are starting to function on their own, like a family should, and take care of their own needs. In particular, one woman, who was 14 when she was expelled from Gush Katif, started crying, when she remembered her mother finally getting access to a washing machine and an electric stovetop, so that they could cook their own meals. "That's when we went back to being a family," she said.

And the soldiers' reaction to washing machines was priceless - "We won't be stinky anymore!"
Leah Aharoni, Co-founder/Executive Director
Your support is making all of this possible. You are providing not just the essentials, you are also bringing moments of joy, normalcy, and care to those who need it most. Thanks to you, numerous families and soldiers have been given a beacon of hope in these difficult times - that we are one people, and we stand as one to help.
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If you want to dive deeper into the impact your support is having or have any questions, feel free to reach out - I'll be happy to talk. (You can also keep up with us on a private WhatsApp group where we share the positive impact Our People is making with your help.)
With heartfelt thanks and warm regards,
Leah Aharoni