The January Mission is no longer accepting reservations.
Please reserve for the next Mission in March
(tentative date March 3-9).
Fill out the form to register.

Or send us YOUR dates for a CUSTOMIZED Mission
for your group, community or shul
Connect to the Land of Israel, the People of Israel & the Torah of Israel!
Each mission group will be small with LIMITED SPACES!

Work the land

Meet, support and volunteer with soldiers on base, bereaved families, wives of soldiers, parents of hostages

Give chizuk to the people living in Israel and to each other

Learn with inspirational speakers like Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky, and more!

Experience a transformational Tu B'shvat
Seder with Rav Doniel Katz in Yerushalayim
Volunteer on a farm

⁠⁠Connect with soldiers for a BBQ

Celebrate Tu Bshvat with displaced army families

Package food & products for soldiers and evacuees

Distribute toys to affected children

Meet families of hostages
  • 1
    Engage in hands-on support by making a huge difference in the lives of many people in Israel
  • 2
    Create a personal connection with the soldiers, as well as the mothers and families of soldiers and hostages. Be there for them as they share with you their challenges and victories
  • 3
    Experience a more deep understanding of what Israeli lives are truly about
  • 4
    Feel the achdus in your small group with the daily interactive workshops throughout the itinerary, lead by top facilitators and Torah teachers & leaders
  • 5
    Develop positive, empowering experiences and build bonding friendships to last a lifetime!
If you can't join us personally, consider sponsoring an event on our mission or an other women to join this Mission ... and future Missions.
  • All program and site visits
  • 3 glatt kosher (Mehadrin) healthy meals daily
  • Air-conditioned, WIFI-equipped transportation throughout the trip
  • Security
  • All tips & gratuities
Weekday mission
not including airfare and hotel
shabbat price
Transportation, meals & accommodations included in the price.
  • High energy level
  • Coming to help
  • Can rough it
  • Internal flexibility and ability to deal with changing circumstances
Inspirational Shabbat Program
Jan 25-26 / Shevat 16-17


at a Gorgeous, Rustic Shmita-Observant Moshav
Friday Morning - Moetzei Shabbat

Hosted by Rebbetzin Elisheva Mirvis
  • Pick organic fruits & learn from farmers how they keep Shmittah
  • Pick Hydroponic Lettuce and learn about how its grown
  • A Soul-stirring Shabbat Experience (scroll down for details)
  • Inspirational Torah from Eretz Yisrael; Singing your own personal Shira!
  • Meet mothers of Soldiers. Hear their miracle stories first-hand!
  • Meet a daughter of a Hostage and her story
  • Hear from a mother of a fallen soldier
All-inclusive in price
  • Bus transportation provided to and from the Moshav

  • Accommodations and all Meals / Kashrut: Badatz eida chreid
    Itinerary (Preliminary & Subject to Change)
    Friday Night
    • Arrive early - Group Bus from Yerushalayim
    • Tour the Moshav, meet the farmers and & learn from farmers how they keep Shmitah
    • Pick your own organic fruits
    • Pick Hydroponic Lettuce and learn about how its grown, weather-permitting
    • Kabbalat Shabbat - Singing & dancing with the rebbetzin of the moshav
    • Fri Night Seuda
    • Oneg Shabbos / Tisch with Rabbi of the Moshav
    • Early Morning Movement & Hisbodedus
    • Davening on Moshav Shul
    • Kiddush / Seuda
    • Meet with a family who practices sustainable living, concentrating on turning their fields into viable pasture and growing their organic produce aquaponically, with a commitment to both the intricacies of halacha and to compassionate farming practices
    • Seuda Shlishit; Mingle with local families and connect with their experiences
    • Musical Havdala
    • Inspirational Melava Malka with Dancing
      Tu B'Shvat Seder
      with Rav Doniel Katz & Rav Avraham Sutton

      Wed evening we will be participating in this very special Tu'BShevat Seder with live music, deep Torah, and a transformational group experience. With plenty of wine, fruit, heart + soul.

      Rebbetzin Golshevsky
      Hafrashat Challah with Kavanot & Shiur with Rebbetzin Yehudis Golshevsky:
      "Mitzvot of the Land"
      @a home in Mea

        Yael Dworkin
        Lunch & Learn with Rabbetzin Yael Dworkin: "Eretz Yisrael, the Shechina & You"
        @Shevach Torah & Art in Nachlaot, Jerusalem

        There is a non-refundable Registration Fee of $200

        Assistance with airport transfer and with booking hotel accommodations provided to those who need
        (Airport Transfer and hotel accommodations are not included in price)

        The Ahava Mission
        Create your own Mission!
        We will work with you to customize to YOUR own Unity Mission to Israel
        About Us
        This trip is a collaboration of Our People, led by Leah Aharoni
        and KavConnect Events, led by Rachel Weiman

        Leah Aharoni
        Co-founder/Executive Director Our People
        Leah Aharoni is a professional coach and business consultant, who founded Our People in the wake of the war in Ukraine to assist the Jewish people in their time of need. Her passion is helping people discover their unique gifts, path and mission in life and connect to the Torah in a deeply fulfilling way. She has been leading women of educational trips of discovery in Europe and Israel, where she shares her love and excitement for the emotionally powerful teachings of the Chassidut. Leah has been involved with missions and visiting volunteers since the start of the war.

        Our People is a non-profit organization founded to assist the Russian and Ukrainian Jews coming to Israel as a result of the war in Ukraine. Since the start of the war in Israel, Our People has galvanized its experience of working in wartime and assisting displaced population to make a difference in the war effort. Our People runs a gamut of programs, including sourcing medical and tactical equipment, food distribution for evacuated families, care packages for army families, the Shalom Bayit Café for displaced couples, and support services for local volunteer groups.

        Rachel Leah Weiman
        Director of KavConnect Events, Intl
        Rachel Leah Weiman is the Director of KavConnect Events Intl., which coordinates events with a focus on the Torah from Eretz Yisrael since 2016. Through Missions to Israel, retreats and shabbatons, Rachel Leah facilitates group bonding and authentic connection to develop memorable experiences and lifetime connections. Through her experience and leadership of countless educational trips, she truly engages with women to integrate their experience on a personal level. The goal of each mission is to create an aligned space with a warm environment of support, so that each individual attendees will leave inspired. Rachel Leah made aliya in 2021 and lives in Tzfat.

        Elisheva Mirvis
        Shabbat Hostess & Facilitator
        Founder of World Mikveh Movement 'Women of the Waters'. For over 20 years Elisheva has engaged and inspired tens of thousands of Jewish Women from around the world with her passionate and soulful approach to teaching Torah and living on the Land.

        Tamar Weissman
        Shabbat Speaker
        Tamar teaches Tanach and Land of Israel studies, and is a licensed tour guide specializing in northern Israel. She is the author of "Tribal Lands: The Twelve Tribes of Israel in their Ancestral Territories," and of the forthcoming "Israel's Adolescence: Essays on the Book of Judges." Tamar and her family live on their farm in Moshav Sde Ilan, her home base for sharing her passion and knowledge of the Galil. She blogs on her adventures in farming, guiding and life in the north at www.fieldofdreams.co.il.
        Weekday program is Jan. 21- 25, 2024
        Shabbat program, January 26 – 27

        You can join for the weekday program, for shabbat or for both.
        A limited amount of single-day participations might become available, depending on sign-up