Our People is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Russian-speaking Jews with aliyah - practical absorption in Israel and connection to Jewish Identity. No matter their current location, if they are considering aliyah, in a transit country on the way to Israel, or already here - we are here to help them not only get here, but thrive here.
We help each immigrant
Arrange a move to Israel
Determine the most suitable location to settle
Solve bureaucratic challenges
Enroll children in educational institutions
Secure employment, explore further educational options, and establish businesses
Establish immediate access to medical care
Manage every aspect of absorption from culture and language to logistical challenges, so each new Israeli can become a successful Israeli
We have helped thousands of Russian-speaking Jews build new lives in Israel!
Personal Assistance Center
The Center provides new olim with on-demand support and advocacy, available both in-person and via phone, messenger apps, and video.Center for personal assistance to new repatriates "Our People (OurPeople)"

  • Logistical support for exiting Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, including bureaucratic advocacy and transport to Israel
  • Consultation and advisory services in choosing the best location, catered to each family's needs
  • Guidance and enrollment to appropriate educational institutions for children
  • Education surrounding employment options, transfer of diplomas, and government-sponsored career training
  • Advocacy in medical and healthcare challenges
  • Facilitation, translation, and referrals for social issues
  • Support in dealing with life crisis situations
The Our People Legal Clinic
Our legal team navigates complex aliyah issues, including confirmation and documentation of eligibility for aliyah
and navigating the bureaucracy in the Ministry of the Interior.

  • Expert guidance and advocacy surrounding oleh legalities
    and rights
  • Advocacy in cases of unfounded deportation of Jews eligible
    for aliyah
  • Support for dozens of legitimate converts to Judaism,
    whose aliyah process is unfairly stalled by excessive bureaucracy at the Ministry of the Interior
  • Research, support, documentation, and bureaucratic advisory services in support of aliyah eligibility
  • Solving complex bureaucratic issues
Our team
Leah Aharoni
Co-founder/Executive Director
Born in the former Soviet Union, Leah Aharoni immigrated with her family
to the USA at the age of 12. At 17, she felt pulled to Israel, and made aliyah
on her own, adding Hebrew to her language repertoire making her trilingual. She holds a BA in Jewish Education and an MA in Industrial
and Organizational Psychology. As a business process and profitability consultant, Leah helps organization leaders identify their unique strengths and develop them to help improve organizational performance
and efficiency.

Since the first days of the war in Ukraine, Leah has been involved
in assisting Jews in leaving the war zone. Leah's unique combination of passion for aliyah, personal experience, and business acumen positions her to help thousands, who now call Israel home.

Rabbi Pinchos Shwalb
Rabbi Pinchos Shwalb offers his own pedigree to our network of Russian-speaking Olim; he is not only Chairman of the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (KEROOR), but also co-founder of the Beerot Yitzhak Foundation. He received his religious education at Yeshivat Torat Chaim (Moscow) and Kollel HaRan (Jerusalem) and his secular education at the University of Manchester at the Faculty of International Business, Finance and Economics. With a successful career in the financial sector under his belt, Rabbi Shwalb has gone on to hold leadership positions in various Jewish organizations in both Russia and Israel. Today, Rabbi Schwalb offers his dedication, knowledge and fervor for aliyah to Our People.
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