Legal clinic

In light of the difficulty of many Halachic Jews, and in particular gerim, to obtain the Israeli citizenship, Our People established a pro bono legal aid clinic, in partnership with The Israel Bar Association and The Shorashim Center.

Our legal team has taken on the bureaucracy at the Ministry of the Interior on the macro level by lobbying the Minister, high-level clerks, and members of the Knesset and spearheading legal action by petitioning the courts wherever necessary.

On the individual level, we have overturned wrongful deportation orders, assisted families in receiving citizenship, ensured that expectant mothers and children with special needs received the medical and financial assistance they deserve, and handled an unfortunate case of a Russian-born convert, who passed away before receiving citizenship, making sure his body was promptly released by the authorities and he receives a proper Jewish burial.
In 2023, the clinic assisted over 40 people.