What are you cooking for Pesach this year? We asked Israeli families evacuated because of the war for their favorite recipes.

Food has always been a Jewish social glue, and many celebratory meals are steeped in tradition, with recipes passed from generation to generation.
Pesach Recipes For War Relief
About the project
This year, many families won't be able to properly set the table. Huddled in small hotel rooms for months at a time with finances running thin, they don't have agency even over what they eat. These families, together with over 300 Holocaust survivors from war-affected cities, need our help for basic Pesach necessities.

Our People is purchasing grocery gift cards for evacuated families from the North and South of the country, families of soldiers, and Holocaust survivors retraumatized by the war, so that they can have a dignified and happy Pesach they deserve.
Join our effort to provide for those hit hard by this war! Any contribution would mean the world to these families.
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